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Environmental Policy

Kinetik Lamp Recycling Policy

Projector lamps must be handled with care when being installed and removed and also when being disposed of. They can contain some hazardous chemicals that are housed in glass. Mercury is one of these hazardous materials. Fuse 2 feels it has a strong responsibility to ensure all used projector lamps are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner and therefore we've developed a Lamp Recycling Service for exclusive use to our trade customers.

Since late 2005 we have been operating a free lamp recycling service to customers. The service means that dealers or end-users can send us their old used lamp (in the original lamp box) and then we will happily dispose of it free of charge according to WEE and environmental standards. This program has proved very successful so far with customers becoming more concerned with the disposal of potentially hazardous products. Our trade customers can use this free service as a value-add offering that they can attach to their projector lamp sales.

If you would like to return any used lamps purchased from Fuse 2 please send them to:

Fuse 2
75 Chorley Old Road
TEL 01204 386816