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SIM2 Original Bulb Inside for HT5000HB

452.30 (Inc.VAT)
376.92 (Ex.VAT)
Model: HT5000HB
Mfr. Part No:Z933791630
Source:Genuine Lamp with
Compatible Housing
Warranty:365 days
Stock status available
Stock Quantity: 10


Original inside lamp module for SIM2 HT5000HB is a genuine lamp with a compatible housing. This projector lamp will deliver identical performance to the OEM lamp, supported by an extended 365 day warranty.

Brand: SIM2
Model No 1: APOG-9016
Original Lamp Part Number: Z933791630
Bulb Manufacturer: Philips
Wattage: 300
Lamp Life Time (HRS): 2000
365 Days Warranty


Brand SIM2
Front Projector / RPTV: OBH
Model NO. (1): DFAV-9016
Model NO. (2): APOG-9016
Original Lamp Module P/N (1): Z933791630
Original Lamp Module P/N (2):


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